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Academic Programs

The Fundamentals of Engineering Program provides significant academic support and a variety of educational and social opportunities for first year students to help them adjust to the new responsibilities of university life and to succeed in their chosen major.

Fundamentals of Engineering Courses

First-year engineering courses are designed to help students build problem solving skills and technical communication skills. Working individually and in teams, students use a variety of methods and tools to solve engineering problems and to present their solutions clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. Strong teamwork and communication skills are essential to a successful engineering career and students begin developing and honing these skills throughout the first year.

FEP Core Requirements

All students entering the Statler College pursue a common academic program. To move to their chosen engineering major, students must complete the six FEP core courses, each with a grade of C- or better and achieve an overall GPA of 2.25 or higher. The six FEP core courses include:

  • ENGL 101 or ENGL 103 (3 cr hr)
  • CHEM 115/115L (4 cr hr)
  • MATH 154 (3 cr hr) or MATH 155 (4 cr hr)
  • ENGR 191 (1 cr hr)
  • ENGR 101 (2 cr hr)
  • ENGR 102 (3 cr hr)

Additionally, while not required, it is recommended that students complete MATH 156 and PHYS 111 during their first year, if possible. Academic advisors are available to help students determine the courses to take each term to reach their engineering major as quickly as possible.

Statler College Advising Center

Suggested Course Schedules

Plan of Study for Engineering and Computing majors. 

Study Resources

The Fundamentals of Engineering Program provides our students with high levels of academic support/study resources. The Eugene V. Cilento Learning Center is open five days a week and provides assistance in all typical first-year math, engineering, and science courses. Tutoring resources are also available in the WVU Math and Chemistry Learning Centers. A list of private tutors is available upon request.

Choosing Your Major

Students are encouraged to explore different engineering majors throughout their first year through courses (ENGR 191, ENGR 101, and ENGR 102) and through a variety of out-of-class experiences. Students can declare their engineering major at any time by completing the Declaration of Major Form. Once students have completed the core FEP core requirements, they will be moved to their selected engineering major.


Incoming freshmen are automatically considered for merit-based scholarship at the time they submit their application to WVU. Engineering scholarship monies are limited so early application to WVU is strongly encouraged.

For more information on WVU freshman financial aid and scholarships, visit or for tuition information visit