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Experiential Learning

Employers are looking for well-rounded candidates with quality experience on their resumes. Quality experience doesn't only refer to the work in the classroom or lab, but also applies to opportunities outside of the classroom. As a Statler College student, there are over 50 students organizations, student competition or project groups and clubs in your department, in the Statler College or WVU. Take advantage of the real-world experiences that each can provide to help enhance your academic experience and prepare you for your future career.


EngineerFEST is designed for incoming students to learn about the engagement opportunities with the Statler College. Students have the opportunity to hear from the 40+ Statler-affiliated student organizations through a series of recruitment-style meetings over a ten-day period. The calendar of events is below, as well as links to each of the student organizations.

Learn more about EngineerFEST

Student Organizations, Projects and Competitions

We believe that student clubs and organizations allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and social areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. At the Statler College, we have a variety of clubs and organizations available for our students to join. Explore the options below to find the right fit for you.

Learn more about Student Organisations, Projects and Competitions