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Engineer your future!

From extracting minerals deep in the earth to sending rockets into space and solving complex societal challenges in between, your opportunities are endless! Start your engineering career by discovering your options as you engineer YOUR future.

Learn about the FEP Core Requirements

Fundamentals of Engineering

The Fundamentals of Engineering Program prepares students for success in their chosen fields/careers by providing:

  • Engaging fundamental engineering instruction focusing on the formation and solution of problems, working in diverse and inclusive teams, written and verbal communication, ethics, and the development of the academic discipline and basic skills needed to succeed in engineering and computing fields;
  • A co-curricular experience that facilitates successful transition to the college environment, provides career exploration opportunities, and supports students’ academic endeavors and the selection of an engineering or computing discipline major; and
  • Academic support in the foundational mathematics, science, engineering, and computing courses.

Our Mission

We attract and retain qualified students who desire to pursue a degree in Engineering or Computer Science and help them develop into students who are academically prepared to enter the engineering major of their choice.

Important Announcement

Welcome Statler College Class of 2026!


Academy of Engineering Success (AcES) is an early move-in academic success and professional development program in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. The program is specifically designed for any incoming first-year engineering student. The week-long activities run from August 12-16, 2024. Learn more about AcES.

Collage of students at AcES

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