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Engineering your future

Six courses stand between you and declaring your major.
Are you ready for the challenge?

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About The Fundamentals of Engineering Website

Your first year of college is an important one. The decisions you make now will shape the professional you become later. The Statler FEP faculty, staff and advisors will guide you through your college career helping you navigate through a challenging academic landscape, providing tools and support to ensure your success.

Important Announcement

To remain home during the Spring semester and take all of your classes online, the WVU housing program is requesting that students provide a letter from their instructors/advisors regarding the class format.

Download the letter from Dr. Hensel

FEP Department Visits - Spring 2021

Learn all about the upcoming department visits, spring sketches, and more.

Download the Powerpoint


Todd Hamrick

Todd Hamrick

of the Year

Lizzie Santiago

Lizzie Santiago

Outstanding Advisor/Mentor