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One week, one incredible experience with AcES at WVU. AcES academy will run August 12-16, 2024 (please refer to this new date)

The Academy

What is the Academy of Engineering Success (AcES)?

AcES includes a week of activities preceding the start of the fall semester (the AcES week). By enrolling in AcES, you will have opportunities to begin building your professional network, explore engineering career options, and develop strategies for academic success in the Statler College's demanding engineering curriculum.

What are the benefits of participation?

As a participant in the Academy, you will:

  • Move-in early to jump start your college life with new friends
  • Develop a set of skills that will help you succeed in our engineering programs
  • Hone your critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Build a professional network by connecting with faculty, staff, new peers, and engineers from industry
  • Become familiar with institutional and academic resources
  • Visit local and regional engineering sites
  • Increase your chances of excelling during your first year of college
  • Be eligible for AcES specific stipends

Some AcES 2024 activity highlights:

  • Complete an engineering project using the customer-based engineering design thinking used in industry
  • Visit engineers working in their fields (field trips)
  • Meet President Gee and the Mountaineer Mascot
  • Make an AcES souvenir in the Innovation Hub
  • Conquer the Adventure WV rope course
  • Networking, game night, and escape room
  • Math/Science/Programming boot camp
  • Campus resources Scavenger Hunt

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the schedule of AcES week?
    • You will move in on Monday morning (8:30 am time slot). AcES week activities start at 1pm on Monday and end 6pm on Friday.
  • How much does participating in AcES cost?
    • There is a $250 registration fee ($200 for early bird), which covers transportation, some featured events, some lunches, design project materials, and Adventure WV rope course.
  • How does room and board work?
    • WVU Housing will assign you a move-in time slot of Monday morning (8:30 am). You do not need to register the time slot yourself and the assigned time slot will show up in your Housing portal by late July. They will charge a daily rate for the three early move-in days (Monday - Wednesday). The rate varies depending on the Residence Hall and your housing choice. Meal plans will start on Monday. Besides some featured events, meals are on your own.
  • Will I be staying in my residence hall during AcES week?
    • Yes, you will. Arrangements to move in on Monday morning of AcES week must be made by the participant after your move-in time is assigned in the Housing portal.
  • I will not be living in a WVU residence hall in fall. Can I still participate in AcES?
    • Yes. Commuters can participate in AcES. You will need to make arrangements for room and board during the AcES week.
  • Can I participate in AcES as well as Adventure WV?
    • Yes. These are two separate programs that are administered at two different times, so there are no conflicting activities. Participating in one does not preclude you from participating in the other as long as your chosen Adventure WV time slot does not overlap with AcES.
  • What are the AcES specific stipends?
    • Fee Waivers for the AcES week registration are available for participants with demonstrated financial need. In addition, a limited number of stipends are available for AcES week completers with demonstrated financial need.

    You'll Do

    a collage of photos showing students participating in various activities

    AcES is a whole lot more than moving in early or meeting new friends. The main activities for AcES week are engineering projects, team-building activities, field trips, academic success skills workshops and seminars, leadership training and networking events with faculty, staff, new peers, and professionals. Here are some of the things students will do during AcES week:


    You'll meet new students who are starting in engineering majors alongside you. They're going to be a great help moving forward as you all tackle your degree, design projects, and those tough classes together over the next few years. You'll also meet with faculty and staff from the Statler College (and others), giving you an edge when the semester starts. Plus, you'll meet with engineers who are working in the field - a great way to get your network building started early!

    Data analysis and application of math in engineering

    This is a great way to boost your analytical thinking, math application in problem solving, and programing skills before you start your engineering courses.

    Survey campus for resources

    You'll get the lay of the land before you start your college career. You'll visit key campus locations, find out the important departments, your classes and more. You'll get a chance to learn about some of our incredible student services, like free tutoring, free advising, financial aid counseling, health and mental wellness, and student clubs and organizations. Plus, you’ll learn about amazing resources for your engineering path such as the Innovation Hub, LaunchLab, and more.

    Design projects

    You'll work alongside a team to put together a unique project over the course of AcES week. Then your team will present your work at the end of the program.

    Field trips

    We'll take you to sites where real engineering is happening every day. You'll meet professionals in the field and learn how they're putting the skills you'll be learning to use in their jobs.

    And the fun stuff

    We'll have some downtime activities, too. Chances to hang out with your new friends, meet President Gee and Mountaineer Mascot, game nights, scavenger hunt, Adventure WV rope course, and more.

    AcES Students

    We're super excited to welcome you to campus for our Academy of Engineering Success!

    AcES Week Sample Schedule

    AcES week schedule in 2023 (you'll receive a new 2024 schedule on the first day of AcES Week)

    Learn More About This Program

    Questions about the program? Contact Atheer Almasri or Helen Mo.

    *Enrollment in the program is limited. Registration and scholarship application may close earlier than the deadline after reaching capacity.