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AcES - Academy of Engineering Success

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What is the Academy of Engineering Success?

The Academy of Engineering Success, or AcES, is an early move-in academic success and professional development program in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. The program is specifically designed for any incoming first-year engineering student.

AcES begins with a week of activities preceding the start of the fall semester (the AcES week) and may include a specialized 2-credit fall professional development course depending on the math placement. By enrolling in AcES, you will begin building your professional network, explore engineering career opportunities, and get a head start on academic and career success in the Statler College's demanding engineering curriculum. The week-long activities run from August 8-12, 2022.

What are the benefits of participation?

As a participant in the Academy, you will:

  • Develop a set of skills that will help you succeed in our engineering programs.
  • Hone your critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Build a professional network by connecting with faculty, staff, new peers and engineers from industry.
  • Become familiar with institutional and academic resources.
  • Receive customized academic counseling.
  • Visit local and regional engineering sites ( some sites require U.S. citizenship - government issued ID required).
  • Increase your chances of excelling during your first year of college.
  • Be eligible for AcES specific scholarships.

How do I enroll?

If you are interested in participating in the AcES program, complete the registration form and pay the registration fee on Eventbrite by July 17, Morgantown time. The enrollment cost is $250 ($200 for early bird deadline, July 5th, Morgantown time). If you have questions regarding registration, please email Dr. Xinyu Zhang.

*Enrollment in the program is limited.

Schedule Overview

The main activities for the week and the semester are a design project competition, a team-building and engineering problem-solving field trip, an engineering company/lab visit, academic success skills workshops and seminars, leadership training and networking events with the faculty and staff of the Fundamentals of Engineering program. A detailed schedule will be provided the first day of the program.

Check out examples of AcES week schedule and fall-semester course ENGR112 syllabus from last year.

Some AcES 2022 activity highlights (more to come):

  • Meet the sponsor company who offers scholarship and internship opportunities to freshmen
  • Complete an engineering project using the customer-based engineering design thinking used in industry
  • Visit engineers working in their fields (field trips)
  • Meet President Gee and Mountaineer Mascot
  • Make an AcES souvenir in the Innovation Hub
  • Concur the Adventure WV rope course
  • Networking and movie night
  • Math/Science/Programming boot camp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much does participating in AcES cost?
    There is a $250 registration fee ($200 for early bird), which covers transportation and lunch on the days of the field trip as well as materials for the major design project. The room and board cost will depend on your fall semester Housing and Meal Plan choices.
  • Will I be staying in my residence hall during AcES week?
    Yes, if you are not a commuter. The move-in is Monday morning (August 8) and the time slot will be assigned by the Housing Office after the registration deadline. Any other move-in arrangements must be made by the participant with the Housing Office. Additional information will be distributed closer to the event.
  • I will not be living in a WVU residence hall in fall. Can I still participate in AcES?
    Yes. While we recommend that you stay in a residence hall, if you have other living arrangements for fall, you can still participate in AcES. You will need to make arrangements for room and board during the AcES week.
  • Can I participate in AcES as well as Adventure WV?
    Yes. These are two separate programs that are administered at two different times, so there are no conflicting activities. Participating in one does not preclude you from participating in the other.
  • Can I participate in AcES as well as Math Summer Bridge LSAMP/ESP?
    Yes. AcES coordinates and collaborates with Math Summer Bridge LSAMP/ESP so they won't interrupt with each other. Instead, combining both programs will provide continuous support for your college journey.
  • I am concerned about my schedule in fall. How will the AcES Professional Development course affect my schedule?
    The ENGR 112 course is a two credit-hour course in the fall semester. We will assist you in making your schedule to include this course if your math placement indicates you need to take the course.
  • Will COVID restrictions apply?
    Please keep a close monitor of the Return to Campus website and the Campus Announcements from the University for the latest information. The COVID restrictions are changing based on what is happening. If you have more questions, please emailed directly.
  • What are the AcES specific scholarships?
    Waiver of AcES week registration fee for the week of August 8 are available for participants with demonstrated financial need. In addition, a limited number of partial fall semester scholarships are available for AcES week completers with demonstrated financial need.